An artist from birth, commissioned oil portraitist, fine artist Robbi Firestone has committed her past 5 years to creating the first large scale artwork addressing infertility, invitro-fertilization and child loss entitled, “The Empty Womb.” A fiercely honest sculptural installation, the Work is constructed from Firestone’s invitro syringes, video, industrial objects, and women’s work (embroidery, crochet, lullabies).

The mission of the installation is to provide catharsis and resources to women healing grief resulting from infertility, invitro-fertilization, and child loss. Internationally renowned Producer/Writer/Director of “What the Bleep Do We Know,” Betsy Chasse, is currently completing a film, also entitled “The Empty Womb,” about Firestone’s art piece, infertility and creativity.

In January, Firestone’s work was featured in Parade Magazine; the most widely read magazine in America, with readership of 54.1 million. Featured in the NY Times, LA Travel, San Francisco Chronicle, Seattle Home and Lifestyle, the Huffington Post, New Mexico Magazine, Dallas Daily, Boston Herald and Miami Globe, Firestone appeared on the inaugural cover of Santa Fean Now.

Sought by collectors for her stylized Sprit Capture Portraits, Firestone is an entrepreneur as well. Her businesses, Santa Fe Art Classes and Robbi Firestone Studio & Gallery steadily employs 8 Santa Fe artists and artisans while fulfilling her mission; to inspire and empower people to unleash freedom and prosperity through creativity.