Fine Artist Robbi Firestone’s installation,The Empty Womb, examines the darkest shadow of the female experience: infertility. By combining medical and pharmaceutical paraphernalia from her, personal in-vitro journey with traditional women’s pursuits (crocheting, embroidery, video, lullabies), Firestone creates a moving, emotional, experiential immersion. Created and presented as an experiential immersion, the piece provokes a range of emotions and experience of catharsis for many viewers.

The art installation provokes catharsis, and will provide resources for viewers. The work examines the cult of woman as creator and investigates the frailties, sorrow, jealousy, and rage erupting from unfulfilled hopes for biological lineage.

Betsy Chasse, producer/writer/director of What the Bleep Do We Know?, is filming a documentary about Firestone’s installation.

An “emotional exorcism,” The Empty Womb speaks difficult core truths about infertility, bravery, devastation… and recovery. The installation unites us in reverence for what is inherent, inherited, and bone-deep among all women.

Firestone is also writing an accompanying book with Johns Hopkins professor, Dave Durham, MD, MPH the brain science of coping with and grieving child loss.

By invitation, museum curators and members of the press may preview The Empty Womb in process at the artist’s studio in Santa Fe, NM. The Empty Womb art installation and film will tour globally 2018.

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