09 Aug, 2016

Distinction between Art, and High Art

09 Aug, 2016

Hello, Robbi….

My name is Kendall Currier…. Thank you again for the incredible, life-changing experience of seeing “The Empty Womb” 

… The first impression … was of serenity …. My favorite piece in the show was a quilt made out of bloody swabs…a shivers and deep emotions went through my whole body. The overall power, intensity, and rawness of the installation is indescribable… a clear distinction between Art, and High Art. 

“The Empty Womb” is nothing short of incredible…it holds the raw power of emotion, that so much Art lacks. I am envious of how brave you are… your message was received clearly on my end.

I have been reflecting upon the concept of children, when/if I should I have children, if I do then how long can/should I wait, etc. and I know that seeing your show …will forever stay with me, and again, is a clear example to me of High Art.

Your show has deeply inspired me and has made me realize that even in the darkest of times, we can still all teach, learn, and and grow from one another


Kendall Currier
(20 year old man)


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