19 Jun, 2016

Four Generations Gifted

19 Jun, 2016

“My gift to “The Empty Womb” – mementos from my mothers . . . a handkerchief from my great grandmother, a card on paper from my grandmother, wrapped in paper from my mother. Healing my legacy of motherhood. Thank you Robbi Firestone for giving woman our voice about the pain in our past and present so that we can create a future of freedom!” -Heather Ivri Turner

Ivri is a dear friend of mine, and the mother of a son. She holds my Motherhood in her heart. We have no idea what that means anymore. Yet, she is there for me. And she has love for every other woman who grieves child loss. There are women all around us who are our ‘red tent tribe,’ and will help us through this journey.

I opened her note; profound in its expression. Ivri’s words touched my heart deeply.

Four generations gifted The Empty Womb today, through one of the most conscious, heart felt, intelligent women I know.

Thank you, dearest Ivri. For not giving up on me, and for holding me strong. Your gift will become a very special part of #TheEmptyWomb installation.

To those of you still struggling (and it may never go away);
do not give up on yourself, your child, your heart, or your life. We’re here for you.

I love you. xoRobbi


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