06 Dec, 2016

My Humble Thanks to the FilmMakers

06 Dec, 2016

Dearest Ladies,

I am beyond moved by the skill, talent, love and brilliance you all have committed to this project, The Empty Womb documentary film.
I am beyond moved.
Deeply humbled.
Deeply honored.

I know that this has occurred as a result of not only Betsy Chasse’s profound talent in storytelling, vision, diligence, and fiercely beautiful whip-ass-ness, but also from each of your individual, deep-rooting in service to women. Thank you, Wendy Keown, for financing this piece. Without you, The Empty Womb film may never have happened.

May hundreds of thousands, (more likely millions,) of women coping with child loss, miscarriage, invitro-fertilization and/or infertility be truly seen and heard, find resources and catharsis through this profound film project. You have not only made a life dream come true for me (of working with the revolutionary Betsy Chasse,) but you have also provided an immense leveraging for my personal work as a fine artist.

So I thank you from my Highest Self in Service to women everywhere, and I thank you from my little self who is giddy with anticipation of ‘what happens next,’ for each and every one of us. Our playgrounds just got bigger. Why? Because we, each of us, are rooted in Love, Service, Prosperity, Joy, and Community while being wise enough to ready ourselves for the next best thing.

I love you all from my heart.
You are Massive.
You are Power.
You are Light.
I am Happy.
Thank you….


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