Katie Davis-Sayles | ARGUING WITH DEATH

I was honored recently to welcome installation artist Katie Davis-Sayles to see The Empty Womb in my studio. Not long after her visit I was thrilled to find an email from her about her thoughts regarding the installation.


“Hi Robbi,

I just wanted to thank you for the studio tour and walk through your installation…. It is a powerful piece – I can’t imagine the process required to articulate something this personal and translate that into such an immersive experience.

There is something poignant and lovely about the textural quality and the fade in and out of the softness and statement.   It reminds me of a show that I saw directed by Anne Bogart called Death and the Ploughman.   She used text from a 1400 play about a farmer arguing with Death about why his wife shouldn’t die.  Of course, we all know who wins the argument.   Anyway, the language was just archaic enough to become almost music, but, at points, recognizable enough to ground the audience in the feeling of real, desperate loss.   I felt like this about your piece – almost as though if you squint, you can disengage and feel surrounded by soft texture, but when you focus again, you are reminded of the specific, pointed loss and pain.   

Regardless, thank you for showing it.   It can’t be easy, even in informal situations like that.   If you have the time when you are in Seattle again, I’d love to get a cup of coffee or a cocktail and talk art and life….

Thanks again,

Katie Davis-Sayles
Founder and Designer
Kanawha Design Studio, LLC

Thank you, Katie, for taking the time to see the work, and share your poignant observations. Blessings, Robbi


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