11 Aug, 2016

Lost My Only Child

11 Aug, 2016

HI Robbi,
This is close to my heart, since I lost my only child to a rare illness when she was 3 years old. I put my grief into action for the past 16 years with gardening, setting up a Children’s Fund in her name and now working as a Special Ed. teacher for SFPS.

The Compassionate Friends Group gave me supportive readings and I did volunteer work with infants for awhile. This is an important topic that only women who have lost a child can truly empathize with. Few avenues for a voice, so congrats that you have one with this film.

Grief in action is powerful healing. I helped other children and spent time in nature. A turning point was when I had a session with a Shaman who massaged my head as I lay on the ground. He told me to imagine Mother Nature and all of her lost children: flowers, trees, animal species that are now extinct. I felt like I sunk into the earth a little, then a great empathy for almighty Mother Nature.

Take one day at a time……………
Best regards,
Linda Morton
Santa Fe Resident


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