19 Aug, 2016

She Outlived Them All

19 Aug, 2016

Hi Robbi,

Congratulations on your fabulous opening and much success with finding yourself with a waiting list of museums eagerly anticipating their turn to show it’s penetrating story.

I have long been saving some pieces of tatting for just the right moment/person. They were made by my granny who died at 106. Two of the strands are very fine work, probably 60-70 years old. Two others (my favorites) were made when she was 101 and sitting in bed, recovering from a broken hip. By that time she was unable to see the stitching and would sit for hours tatting without ever looking down. It is not polished, and the stitches are uneven and I love it. I’ll never forget the day she buried the last of her children. (uncle Jr.) In a calm, tired voice I heard her mutter to herself, “Why would God decide I had to grow so old as to outlive them all.” If you would like to have these strands, I would be delighted to donate them.

Wishing you a beautiful day,
Lesley Michaels,
Santa Fe NM


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